Obstetrics Overview

What to expect as an OB patient

Pregnancy is a very exciting time in your life. We feel honored to be able to be a part of this. As an OB patient in one of our practices, you can expect exceptional care from our providers and staff. You will meet with an OB educator early in your pregnancy to review your health history, as well as what to expect during pregnancy. We offer on site ultrasounds, lab facilities, genetic testing, and other routine fetal monitoring. Each practice has several qualified Obstetricians that will partner with you during your pregnancy. Our offices always have a physician available for emergent needs, as well as having one of our physicians always available for the delivery of your infant.


Maternity care is considered a global charge for most insurance companies. This means that the physician services for your routine OB visits and hospital delivery are all one charge. This is billed to your insurance after delivery. Because of this, we estimate an OB pre-pay based off of your co-pay and insurance allowable and have you make payments throughout your pregnancy. This global charge is only for the physician services and does not include lab work, ultrasounds, non-stress tests, or any other testing or services provided during pregnancy. Hospital, anesthesia, and pediatrician services are also separate and not included in this global charge.

Choosing a hospital

Our physicians are part of an independent practice, meaning they are not employed by a hospital. Therefore, they may have hospital privileges at more than one hospital. We encourage all expecting parents to tour the hospitals they are considering for delivery prior to making a final decision. You should then discuss this with your provider to confirm they have delivering privileges at that location.